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Schools are an important choice for choosing a home. Even if you do not have children, or your children are grown, the quality of the schools can have a direct impact on the desirability (and) price of your home.

Monmouth County has some of the finest schools not only in New Jersey, but some are nationally recognized. One of the greatest values in the county is the Monmouth County Vocational School District. This “district” gives a small number of students to attend one of the “Career Academies” in the county. These “Vocational” schools are designed to give students a background in the subjects that they will use in preparation for specific fields of study in college. THe Vocational schools include: Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST),  High Technology High School (HTHS), Communications High School (CHS),  Biotech High School (BHS), and Academy of Allied Health and Science (AAHS)

Acceptance to the Career Academies is limited, but each school district (district pool) is generally allows 2 spots at each career academy. Admission is based on the District Admissions Exam scores (70%) and 7th and 8th grade GPA (30%)

High Tech High was listed as a Gold level in US News 2014 ratings of the Best High Schools.

Biotech High School was ranked as the #1 School in New Jersey on the 2014 US News and World Report rankings

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